Natural Buffalo Horn Necklaces - chain necklace handmade in Vietnam by vinahorncraft

700,000 VND

necklace as an item used by women when coordinating with women's fashion outfits. will make women more personal, more stylish and really increase women's confidence. However, not all jewelry is suitable for all women and not all necklaces respect the noble beauty of women. However, please take some time to choose for yourself an item that is right for you. Feel free to add more options if you think it's right for you

A bout me
I was born from traditional villages producing handicrafts from the material: mother of pearl, horn, bone, sea snails .... With over 400 years of history, passion and desire to bring natural beauty to the world, I have worked relentlessly to create products with the best quality. Here you can find a part of nature.
If you have a Product design with the image, or the idea of you, let me perform them

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