Natural Buffalo Horn Jewelry Set Bracelet Earrings - Horn jewelry lacquer - Bracelet handmade in Vietnam by vinahorncraft

550,000 VND

A bracelet combined with earrings creates a jewelry set of the same style.
Vinahon - Craft is a workshop that produces handicrafts from buffalo horn
The bracelet and earrings are handmade by artisans with 100% buffalo horn. Made entirely by hand
Buffalo horn has the following characteristics: after use, it feels very light, very comfortable and cool when in contact with the skin. The finished surface is very shiny. The outstanding feature of buffalo horn is that it has extremely beautiful and unique natural horn lines. Because of this feature, each finished necklace is a unique product. There can be no second such necklace.
A set of buffalo horn bracelets and earrings is a beautiful little accessory worn on the body that always contributes to creating a highlight for your different fashion outfits.

+ Features:
Buffalo horn is 100% natural and that is why the product is always unique. Very safe for the body. Has a massage feature when in contact with the skin.

+ Diameter: 6.7cm
Color: same as shown in the picture (not 100% accurate), glossy surface combined with lacquered horn


+ Preservation:
Natural buffalo horns are suitable for normal environments. To ensure that the surface is always shiny and beautiful, the product must not come into direct contact with water. or dry immediately after direct contact with water
Avoid exposure to chemicals or high temperatures. Easy to crack or deform the product
Clean regularly with a clean, soft cloth. You can use a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil to clean the surface of the product
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