Horn jewelry - Matte finished surface by vinahorncraft

800,000 VND

Horn necklace has natural color, no chemicals used, matte finish
The necklace is a combination of black buffalo horn and lacquered horn pieces in red and orange colors. Create a highlight to make the necklace more unique
Light. Actual color may vary slightly from photo. 64cm long.
(Actual color may vary)

About me

I was born in traditional craft villages that produce handicrafts from raw materials: mother of pearl, horn, bone, sea snails... With over 400 years of history, passion and desire to bring natural beauty to the world, I have worked tirelessly to create products of the best quality. Here you can find a piece of nature.
If you have a Product Design with images, or your ideas, let me make it happen


With a bill over 70 USD, you will receive any pair of earrings at the shop
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