Natural buffalo horn eyeglass frames _ Vietnam | Blue light filtering | handmade glasses frames by vinahorncraft

5,000,000 VND

• Handmade
• Material: 100% natural buffalo horn with shiny surface finish. Natural buffalo horn is durable, beautiful and lighter than metal glass
Handmade horn glasses are produced entirely by hand by Vinahorrn Craft using natural horn materials and therefore each glass is slightly different due to the horn grain pattern. So their color may be a little different from the picture.

We handcraft and produce upon order. Products are not pre-manufactured. so it takes us 2 weeks of production when an order comes in

With natural materials and completely handmade, there will be some details that cannot be completed perfectly. However, we always try to perfect the best products for customers.

The lenses are 0 degree lenses. Filter blue light, limit UV rays. Fashion glasses can be used as prescription glasses or reading glasses. Dust-proof, used to work with phones and computers. Helps protect eyes from harmful UV rays when used with electronic devices

Our size parameters can be customized according to customers' individual requirements. Please send a request if you would like to change the size

Features: Round eyeglasses with black buffalo horn frame. Youthful modern design


Glasses width: 140 mm
Bridge width: 22 mm
Temple length: 135 mm
Glass width: 49 mm
Lens color: Green
The product is handmade so the size will have certain errors

Note: we can make glasses with numbers. However, to be accurate, you can take the frames to the eyeglass store where you live to measure and install the correct and suitable lenses for yourself.


With invoices more 60 USD you will receive a pair of earrings of the shop
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