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Horn comb is used to gently detangle hair. dulcet. With round comb teeth to help massage the scalp. remove dead cells. Prevent hair loss or split ends. The comb is made from buffalo horn to help reduce static electricity and create smooth, shiny hair

In addition, the horn comb helps stimulate the scalp, massages the sensory nerves to help blood circulate well, stimulates hair roots, reduces stress, insomnia,...
Exfoliates & Cleans: The comb effectively removes dandruff, debris and dead skin cells, leaving your scalp clean and healthy.
Unique & Beautiful: Each comb is hand-carved with meticulous attention to detail, creating a stunning addition to any vanity or makeup bag.

Made from 100% organic buffalo horn
Handcrafted with smooth, rounded teeth

Size: See pictures for more details:
Width: 4.5 cm
Legth: 16.5 cm
tooth distance: 0.13cm

Finished polished surface


Vinahon – Craft is a factory producing buffalo horn handicrafts
This comb is handcrafted by artisans using 100% buffalo horn material.
Buffalo horn has the following characteristics: after being completely crafted, it is very light, very comfortable and cool in contact with the skin. The finished surface is very shiny. An outstanding feature of buffalo horns is that they have extremely beautiful and unique natural horn grain patterns. Because of this feature, each finished comb is a unique and unique product. There can be no other horn comb like it
This horn comb helps massage the scalp and smooth hair every time you use it
+ Characteristics:
Buffalo horn is 100% natural and that's why each product is always unique. Very safe for the body. Has a massage feature when in contact with the scalp
Color: similar to the photo (not 100% identical), glossy finish
+ Storage:
Natural buffalo horn is suitable for normal environments. To ensure a beautiful shiny surface, do not let the product come into direct contact with water. Or dry immediately after direct contact with water
Avoid contact with chemicals or high temperatures, which can easily break or deform the product
Clean regularly with a clean, soft cloth. You can use a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil to clean the product surface
Our policy:
+ delivery: Delivery may take about 15-20 days to reach you. However, there may be some cases where the goods will arrive more slowly such as war, epidemic or customs control...
+ Tracking note: customers should regularly check the delivery route via tracking number so as not to miss receiving the goods, when the carrier cannot deliver to you when you are away from home. You can contact immediately Post office where you live. The post office will store your order for about 7 days so you can pick it up anytime you are free. After 7 days, please do not contact to receive the goods. The order will be returned, we will not be responsible for this
+ taxes and fees: all taxes and fees incurred, if any, are paid by the buyer
Please contact us if you have any questions. We are always ready to listen and answer your problems
Please contact us if you want to get wholesale prices, please refer to
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https://www.facebook.com/Tuan.vinahorn.craft /> WhatsApp: +84.943.922.775

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