Urnes Dragons Belt and Buckle by SkullVikings

59.95 GBP FAST & FREE UK DELIVERY This black leather belt made from rustic cow leather features a silver plated Urnes belt buckle and is available in various sizes. the leather is 3.2 - 3.5 mm thick and 3cm wide making it very sturdy and suitable for regular wear. The velvet-matt waxed belt leather acquires that natural patina over time, which is so characteristic of real, vegetable-tanned leather. During the tanning in the barrel, the belt is colored with a glaze and does not hide the traces of an authentic cattle life on the pasture, but makes it its trademark. The Urnes style dates from 1050 to the 12th century and gets its name from a stave church in Urnes, Norway. Carved wooden panels reveal sinuous animals interlacing and looping, with long eyes pointed forward Please make sure to select the correct belt buckle size from the drop-down menu. Details: S: 75 - 92.5 cm circumference (length 104 cm) M: 85 - 102.5 cm circumference (length 114 cm) L: 95-112.5 circumference (length 124 cm) XL: 105 - 122.5 cm circumference (length 134 cm) Belt width: 4 cm Leather thickness: 2.5-3 mm Dispatch time 1 - 2 weeks

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