Nidhogg Dragon Horn Holder by SkullVikings

64.95 GBP As much as we all like to focus on drinking our Ale and Mead, occasionally we are disrupted and forced to put our horns down. Who better to guard your drink and display your horn than this fine dragon? He's very versatile. If you're not storing your horn there, Nidhogg can guard your bottle of mead instead. He's been hand sculpted in the UK and cast in high-quality resin and hand painted for an amazing metallic finish. There are three dragons primarily represented in Norse mythology, Nidhogg (or Nidhoggr), Jormungand (or Jormungandr), and Fafnir. Nidhogg, according to the Voluspa, is a dragon that lives under the roots of Yggdrasil (the world tree that connects the nine worlds of Norse mythology) and eats the corpses of the dead. This dragon is cast from resin and is happy to hold your horn or bottle of mead. To get the best fit for your curved horn allow the tip of the horn to fit within the gaps to the side of the arms. This listing is for the dragon holder only, the bottle is not included but available to purchase separately, just not from us :) Suitable for small and regular horns. Horns available to purchase separately The Dragon Horn Holder takes 2 to 5 working days to be dispatched.

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