Large Bronze Viking Hair and Beard Bead by SkullVikings

23.95 GBP FAST & FREE UK DELIVERY This is a large Viking hair bead, perfect for a Manly Mighty Viking Beard or Shieldmaiden locks. It features a knotwork pattern commonly found in Viking art. Sold Individually The Borre style was named for a set of bridle mounts from a ship burial at Borre, Norway. The Borre overlaps with the Oseberg and the Jelling styles, periods specific to the Viking age. While the gripping beast remains, the sinuous creature of the Oseberg style now boasts a triangular head, a cat-like face with round eyes and protruding ears. This style appears to be purely Norse with no outside influences. It has appeared in Iceland, Russia, England, which shows Viking art existed wherever they went. Borre was prominent from the end of the 9th century to the middle of the 10th. This bead is made from solid Bronze featuring a popular knotwork design found in the overlapping of the Borre and Oseberg Viking art styles. It is cast using the lost wax method creating a seamless design. It has been cast in solid Bronze in Scotland and hand finished in England. Details Height: 28mm Outer Diameter: 22mm Hair Hole: 17.5mm Weight 21-23g Dispatch time 1 - 2 working days Sold Individually

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