Horn bracelet cuff - Horn cuff - Buffalo horn jewelry - bracelet corne - bijoux en corne de buffle - KAI-3727 by AnhCraft

10.60 USD Buffalo horn jewelry - Beautiful bracelet made from real buffalo horn. Comes with natural colors, lightweight, high polish finished, shiny and smooth surfaces. No two bracelets will ever be the same, each one has it's own beauty and characteristics. Perfect for any occasion! Size: - 5cm (1.97" ) width, 6.0cm - 6.2cm (2.36" - 2.45") inner diameter (Other sizes please contact) (PLEASE NOTE: ==> To find out out your size, I recommend measuring the inner diameter of a bracelet you already own and like the fit of. ==> Natural horn varies in shape and color. Your piece will be unique but might not look identical to the one in the picture. If you need to see exact color please let us know before purchasing. Otherwise, we will pick randomly for you. Thank you!)

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