Bronze Odin Mask Pendant by SkullVikings

29.95 GBP This Odin Mask pendant is made from solid Bronze, hand cast in Scotland using the lost wax casting method and hand finished in England. It represents Odin with his ravens, Huggin and Munnin and is inspired by the an original find of the treasure of Gnezdovo discovered in 1868. It is supplied on a hand made real leather cord with brass fittings. I handmake these necklaces to be about 60cm in general, but if you'd like it shorter or longer, please get in touch after purchasing to request a different length. Gnezdovo was a settlement located on the portage between the Kasplya and Dniepr rivers on the Varangian Way, the great trade route from Scandinavia through the Kievan Rus to the Byzantine Empire. Details Metal: Bronze Weight: approx. 15 g Height: 4.7 cm Width 4 cm One-sided pendant Chain length: 60 cm approx Ger yours today for FREE UK Shipping!

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