Horn hair clips gift for women - barrette en corne - barrette corne - barrette en corne de buffle - horn hair accessories wholesale KAI-6724 by AnhCraft

10.60 USD Beautiful hair barrette handmade from real buffalo horn. Comes with natural colors, lightweight, high polish finished, shiny and smooth surfaces. Made from natural buffalo horn which is of the same substance as human hair (keratin), thus it definitely fits your hair and would not make any impact on hair like ones made of other materials such as plastic etc. This hair barrette is very smooth and easily holding your hair perfectly in shape. Leaving you with not only a useful and functional tool but also a beautiful decoration for your hair. Great for all hair types: Straight, wavy, curly. Works well with shoulder-length hair to longer hair. Long lasting, contains no electrostatic. Good for your hair and scalp. Helps prevent hair loss and improve weak hair. It also help you to reduce stress and tiredness. (Actual colors may vary) Size.: - 4.5cm (1.77") in width, 8cm (3.15") in length.

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