Buffalo horn earrings gift for women handmade from buffalo horn - grossist buffelhorn smycken - Wholesale horn jewelry vietnam KAI-2746 by AnhCraft

9.60 USD Beautiful horn earrings , Beautiful bull horn stud earrings handmade from genuine buffalo horn. Each earring is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen and needs hours to complete. Come with natural colors, lightweight, high polish finished, shiny and smooth surfaces. The buffalo horn earring is warm, pleasant to touch and lightweight to wear all day. Suitable to be combine with summer dresses, street style, even official style. Be elegant and confident with our product!Perfect for any occasion! Size: 3cm (1.18") in width, 6.5cm (2.55") in length Buffalo horn earrings, horn bracelet, horn necklace and other buffalo horn jewelry handmade in Vietnam from 100% genuine buffalo horn.

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